Win More Through Distracting the Mind

Ever get so overwhelmed before competing that it causes you to underperform? Sometimes it’s more about distracting yourself before competition than focusing on it. Distractions can serve as useful tools in protecting our mind from becoming overwhelmed before competing. As athletes, we often experience overwhelming thoughts and feelings due to our fears of failure, disappointment, and expectations from our self and others, and even that once in a lifetime shot at achieving our dreams. In many cases these thoughts and feelings become too much for even the most mentally tough athlete to manage without utilizing a technique to get their mind off of it. Instead, many athletes choose to face the thoughts and feelings head on, making it even worse. As an athlete wanting to transfer your full potential from your hours and hours of hard work and dedication to the big stage. Try these simple methods below to get your mind off of the competition……………... Invest in a tablet or a smart phone…………………. Download your favorite movies and shows. The right movie and show can take your mind off of competition and get you feeling more relaxed, energized, and even focused. Get Creative…………………... Purchase a sketchpad & get lost in artwork Draw something that gets you in touch with a positive feeling and your mind away from the sport. Chess anyone……………………...? Bring a competitive board game such as chess for you and your coach or another athlete to play with. This game will exercise your mind without overwhelming it about your upcoming performance. It’s important to remember that whatever method you use is up to you, try several and see which one works best. The goal is that the method you choose helps you reduce if not eliminate the nervous thoughts and feelings before competition. Also, prepare to give yourself at least 30-minutes to get your mind lost in one of these methods the day of competition. Plan on engaging in one of these methods within 2 hours of your performance.