"Winning the NCAA National Championship was a goal that I had always strived for as a tennis player and now as a tennis coach. I have been close to achieve that goal both as a player and as a coach but never quite reached it. Thus, I was thinking that I needed to do something different in order to get to the next level. So one year I recruited a very talented player who had the potential to be the best in the country. However, he could not fully capitalize on his talent due to mental issues especially his anger on the court, which cost him some matches in his freshman and sophomore seasons. As a result, at the end of his sophomore season I had referred him to SPMI in order to improve his mental skills. After he had started mental coaching sessions with SPMI I noticed big improvements with his behavior. I saw right away that SPMI helped take his game to the top by his completely new attitude, mature focus, and not losing his cool between big points thus he could play more consistently on a high level which moved him up in the lineup. SPMI improved the areas of his mental game and we took care of the rest. Since he could play on a higher position in the team and winning at that position has enabled the rest of the team to move down in the lineup which strengthened our team so we could finally reach our goal of winning a NCAA National Championship in 2010. It was remarkable to see what improvements he made just within one year with SPMI. In addition, in his senior season he had reached a career high #1 national ranking. For both players and teams who are looking for that extra edge, I highly recommend SPMI!"

Thomas Hipp,
3-time All American Player & Assistant Coach
2010 NCAA National Champion

"This has been the biggest step in my athletic career! My mindset in attacking a race has improved tremendously. SPMI studied my performance and helped me become more focused and confident in what I needed to do. The techniques I learned in SPMI I will use for the rest of my life, in and outside of sport. I am now looking to get recruited into a D1 school this fall."

Stefanie Keeler,
Jacksonville University, Women's Rowing

"I began working with SPMI a couple months ago and have made incredible strides since then!! I had just ended my first year of college tennis and was too focused on the winning aspect of the game instead of enjoying the competition. With many negative thoughts and anxiety tarnishing my confidence, my quality of play had dropped. Once I began the online mental training program with SPMI, we made big improvements each session and they gave me great things to practice. This has improved not only my tennis, but also my overall well being. Extremely happy with my success thus far, and only more to come!! Thank you SPMI!!"

Alexa Anton-Olmeyer
Georgia Tech, Women's Tennis 

"Patrick Alban and SPMI have been an invaluable addition to our middle school athletic program. His expertise working with athletes of all ages and levels on the mental side of sports has opened up their young minds on the importance of it. Through presentations, activities, real-life examples and role-playing, our student-athletes were always engaged in his workshops. The sessions he opened up to our parents have been a critical component as well. In this changing landscape of youth sports, having parents educated on the important aspects of athletics is a must. His topics varied but they were all relevant and valuable. I look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with SPMI!"

Pablo Gentile
Director of Athletics, The Cushman School

"SPMI is a great mental toughness company that has helped me gain a lot of mental toughness and helped me drop 10 seconds off of my laps times on the dirt bike track. It also gave me mental skills to overcome life challenges. If you want to take your sports career to the next level I highly recommend SPMI services." 

Michael Barto
Motocross Rider

"We at Score Tennis Academy have been working with SPMI and Patrick for two months and it has simply been great for the kids and the academy. The players are learning theory and practical application that they use on and off the court. They are not only getting better at managing stress and anxiety on court but through the mental techniques that they are learning, they are actually helping themselves fix technical issues. It has been a great experience and addition to our program. We highly recommend SPMI."

Sean Sweeney
Founder, Score Tennis Academy

"I am a competitive tennis player, and my mental game has improved tremendously from my sessions with SPMI. I worked personally with Patrick Alban, and he has helped me boost my attitude and aplomb in tough match situations. A brief look at my record reveals a stark contrast in my results before and after I started working with Mr. Alban. I am very pleased with all of the progress that I have made with him and am excited to continue with him in the future!"

Evan Bynoe
Tennis Player, Top 50 Nationally Ranked

"My daughter is a Gymnast and trains 6 days a week. She trains hard 6 days a week and is progressing really well. She had some issues with anxiety and fears in competitions this past year. Patrick, at SPMI, Coconut Grove, has been absolutely amazing. Not only does my 11yr old daughter enjoy going to sessions, but she has matrured greatly as a kid and athlete. It is a horrible feeling not being able to help your child and my wife and I felt that all the time when she would compete and freeze or get really upset at herself over things we know she could do. Patrick, SPMI, has helped eliminate that feeling by allowing an avenue for us to help our daughter. I would highly recommend SPMI, Coconut Grove, for anyone considering seeking expert help with Atheltes that need help learning tools to conquer their mental hurdles to success."

Bobby Prenton
Parent of Kiyre Prenton, Level 10 Gymnast 

After Working with SPMI at the Pembroke Pines location my golf game has taken huge strides. The way I think, approach and react to situations on and of the course has made me more confident than I ever have been before. Patrick has taught me many exercises to strengthen and prepare my mind for competition as well as practice. After seeing Patrick at SPMI for a few months I regret not going earlier in my career. If you want to take your mind to the next level then you should definitely consider SPMI! Patrick is very understanding and great to work with!!!

Max Major
Collegiate Golfer, Johson and Wales University