Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SPMI the right choice?

At SPMI we provide an elite service that combines sports psychology with movement science. Unlike other psychology services that may offer sports psychology consulting, SPMI is more than a consulting service. At SPMI, our consultants have extensive education in psychology, sports psychology, movement science, and sports. Not only do we provide consulting services for athletes; we train athletes to succeed. In addition to the exclusive education we offer, SPMI also understands the importance of the transference of mental skills through our emphasis on application. Unlike other services, we implement training services and state of the art technology to help train athletes to transfer mental skills to applied competitive settings where athletes need to be in their best mental state to achieve their goals. This multifaceted approach allows athletes to get the professional services they deserve without leaving any areas of the athlete’s mental performance to speculation.

Is SPMI utilized for other performance enhancement fields outside of sports?

SPMI is more than just a service for athletes. Our services are geared towards performance enhancement. With SPMI other professions such as exercisers, actors, musicians, and even areas of business may benefit greatly. How is this possible? Actors and musicians can suffer from moments of anxiety, lack of focus, and low confidence. Leisurely exercisers often struggle with adherence (e.g., workout dedication and consistency), motivation, and confidence in rehabilitation processes, for example. Whatever your profession, our services help you deliver your best performance no matter if you are an athlete or a devoted musician or actor.

Who benefits from SPMI?

Athletes who benefit from SPMI are those who are committed and passionate about striving for excellence in their respected fields. Whether it is an individual sport like tennis, a team sport such as soccer, or delivering a memorable performance on a stage watched by thousands of people, SPMI is there to help you overcome the mental obstacles that lie ahead.

Who does not benefit from SPMI?

Athletes who are under the age of 10 years old may not benefit from SPMI services. This is because the thought process of a child may not be at the developmental stage needed to maximize SPMI’s services. If you have a child who is under the age of 10 he or she will be evaluated to see if they are eligible for mental training. Also, athletes who are injured to the point where they cannot train in their sport for long periods of time may not benefit from SPMI. This is because athletes must practice the mental techniques learned consistently so that their progress can be effectively monitored. In addition, athletes who are able to train have the advantage of mastering their customized mental program so that it becomes a natural part of their performance.

Can children benefit from SPMI?

Absolutely! A core part of our program is dedicated to aspiring athletes who are as young as 7 years old. If your child is under the age of 10 a pre-evaluation will be administered first to assess whether your child may appropriately benefit from SPMI’s services. SPMI is geared towards all ages and levels of athletes – junior athletes, high school athletes, collegiate athletes, professional athletes, and even recreational athletes who are looking for that significant competitive advantage to take them to the next level and maintain a high level of play throughout practice and competition.

What mental skills are targeted?

No athlete is the same; therefore, we do not generalize interventions. Due to individual differences among our athletes we may target areas such as confidence, concentration, motivation, self-esteem, imagery, goal setting, routine structuring and restructuring, movement efficiency under pressure, relaxation breathing, anxiety, and more. SPMI services are implemented to enhance the athlete’s specific areas that need to be targeted in order to facilitate and maximize performance.

How is movement addressed in SPMI?

Movement is an effective objective tool that helps athletes, consultants, parents, and coaches understand the responses to cognitive processes. At SPMI we study both physical movement and psycho-physiological movement through state of art technology and through advanced performance enhancement evaluations and interventions. By controlling movement the client becomes more self-aware and able to self-regulate thoughts and behaviors, which often lead to increases in performance.

How many sessions should I engage in before seeing results?

Each athlete may have different needs and goals; therefore, an exact number of sessions cannot be generalized. Similar to mastering any technical and/or tactical skill in sports, mental skill performance requires the athlete to not only attend sessions but more importantly, practice their mental skill training interventions. We highly recommend athletes to sign up for a starter package as they will be on their way to achieving faster results and will also benefit from our discounted rates. Also, when you purchase your first SPMI starter package you will have access to other SPMI services at a discounted rate. To find out more, email SPMI or call us for starter package benefits and pricing.