Privacy Policy

SPMI is committed to protecting your privacy and the security of all information and data collection via this Website, To demonstrate this commitment, SPMI has adopted the following privacy policy for this Website, (this "Privacy Policy"), based on the principles of notice/awareness, choice/consent, access/participation and integrity/security in the collection and use of all information regarding this Website's users and their activities at this Website. Please review this Privacy Policy each time you use this Website as it is subject to change at any time by SPMI without notice to you. It is your obligation to review this Privacy Policy from time to time. By accessing this Website you are indicating your agreement to all of the terms of this Privacy Policy. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon posting to this Website: is operated by SPMI. The physical address for SPMI is 15800 Pines Blvd, Suite 300, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027 and its telephone number is +1 (786) 350-1554.

 SPMI collects contact, personal, registration and financial information via this Website, to support its business operations. SPMI may obtain such information and data from you in 1 of 2 ways - actively and passively - as follows:

1. Actively: Information and Data Submitted by You
 This Website,, requests contact information (for example, your name, email and physical address) and personal information (for example, the camper's age, grade and gender) when an individual user is either requesting more information through mail or email (brochure requests) or when registering for one of the programs and camps offered by SPMI. This information is used by SPMI and its affiliates solely for the issuance of the requested information. This information is stored in a database and may be used subsequently to re-issue updates of the previously requested information (i.e., updated camp offerings and schedules). By submitting your information you are opting in to receive communications from SPMI and its affiliates and partners about programs and related services. 

SPMI does not require disclosure of this information and data to obtain access to any area of this Website. This information and data will enable SPMI to contact you should the need arise or to respond appropriately to any request or question you have about this Website.

2. Passively: Information Collected by this Website's "Cookies" Feature 
SPMI will make use of this Website's "cookies" feature to help you use this Website more easily. SPMI may use the information collected by this Website's cookies in an aggregated form to measure number of visits, average time spent on this Website, pages viewed, and other relevant statistics. SPMI collects this information to measure the overall visitor traffic, use of this Website and to improve the operation of this Website. 

A "cookie" is a small data file that this Website can send to the Internet browser you are using, which may then be stored on the hard drive or server of the computer you are using to help this Website remember information about you when you return to this Website, such as your preferences for this Website and if you desire, your account identification. This Website's cookies do not read data from the hard drive of the computer you are using, read cookie files created by other Websites, or track any personal information about you. You may have the option of setting the Internet browser (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, etc.) you are using to reject cookies however doing so may negatively impact upon the performance of this Website or restrict SPMI in better serving your use of this Website. The "help" portion of the toolbar on most Internet browsers will tell you how to prevent the Internet browser you are using from accepting new cookies, how to have the Internet browser notify you when a new cookie is received, or how to disable the cookie feature altogether.

 SPMI acknowledges that users of this Website, about whom SPMI collects contact and personal information via this Website, have certain legal rights concerning that information. users have a right to be told of their privacy rights (that are, for the sake of clarity, set out in this Privacy Policy) and SPMI’s information collection practices via this Website. users have a right to know what information SPMI has collected about them via this Website, and with whom SPMI shares such information. users have the right to request removal of their contact and personal information collected by SPMI via this Website in order to not receive future communications from SPMI. users also have a right to correct or change their contact and/or personal information in the database that SPMI collects from this Website. Further, parents/guardians (a) can review the information that SPMI has collected from or about their children via the Website, (b) prevent the further use or maintenance of such information, or (c) direct the removal of their children's personal information. users have the following options for correcting, changing and removing contact and personal information from our database:

1. You may email an SPMI representative at

3. You can mail or courier the following postal address: 15800 Pines Blvd, Pines Blvd, FL 33027 Attn: SPMI.

4. You can call the following telephone number: (786) 350.1554.

SPMI has security measures in place to endeavor to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information collected via this Website, and maintained by SPMI. To accomplish this, SPMI uses Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) protocol to transmit your contact, personal and program/camp registration information and data from the computer (including, but not limited to, a desktop or home computer, laptop, personal digital assistant (e.g., a BlackBerry), and/or portable or tablet computer) you are using to access this Website's server across the Internet. SPMI reserves the right to restrict access to any transactional portions of this Website to computers running Website browsers that support SSL protocol. Therefore, to take advantage of this protection technology, you need to use a SSL capable browser. SPMI cannot and are not responsible for maintaining your privacy once you leave this Website.

 As a convenience to users of this Website, SPMI may include third party links on this Website,, to third party Websites or permit third parties Websites to link to this Website. SPMI will attempt to only post links to Websites that share SPMI’s high standards and respect for the users' privacy. If you provide any information or data to parties who operate Websites that are linked to or from this Website, different rules may apply to their collection, use or disclosure of your personal information and data, including information provided by you and collected by their Websites' cookies. SPMI strongly encourages you to review such other Websites' privacy and legal policies before revealing any sensitive or personal information. Links to and/or from a third party Website, whether provided by SPMI or not, does not imply any affiliation between SPMI and the third party's Website or its company, products or services, or an endorsement of such third party or its Website. SPMI may cancel any third party link at any time and may remove any link from this Website upon request from the beneficial rights owner of the linked Websites. Such requests should be sent to this Website's Webmaster. SPMI is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such third party Websites.

This Website advertises and promotes the products and services of third parties. When you click on any banners or pop-ups or hyperlinks on this Website, you must assume that information is being collected about you. SPMI is not responsible for the use of any information and data collected in such a manner. You must also assume that (1) information and data will be collected, (2) that cookies will usually be placed by Websites on the hard drive of the computer you are using, (3) that SPMI has no control over what happens with such third party collection of your information and data, (4) that SPMI takes no responsibility for the third party advertisers', sponsors' and/or vendors' Websites, (5) that SPMI is not responsible for downloads from third party advertisers, sponsors and vendors that contain viruses or worms or other computer code that causes harm to the computer or software you are using, and (6) that SPMI assumes no responsibility for the information and data that is garnered from the click itself or that the third party advertiser, sponsor and/or vendor collects.

Regardless of the precautions taken by SPMI, SPMI cannot and does not ensure or warrant the security of any information and data that you submit and transmit to SPMI and/or is collected by this Website's cookies, at your own risk. Further, SPMI assumes no responsibility for (1) any damage to computers or software that you are using to access this Website or (2) any damage incurred by you or any person or entity you subsequently communicate with from corrupting code or data that is inadvertently passed to their computers.

 This Website is not directed to solicit random or personally identifiable information from children. The information that may be collected by SPMI via this Website from children age 13 or older interested in services offered by SPMI or interested in having their parents/guardians registering them for the services offered by SPMI are used for service related purposes. SPMI respects the privacy of children, and does not collect any more personal information about them as is reasonably necessary for the purposes of this Website. Please note that parents/guardians may consent to the collection and use of information about their children without necessarily consenting to the disclosure of personal information to third parties. 

If a user of this Website indicates at the introduction page that they are not age 13 or older, then SPMI will only solicit and collect information from a parent or guardian pursuant to the directions automatically given to the user. 

SPMI does not share children's personally identifiable information with anyone other than those who provide support for the internal operations of the Website and our agents (e.g., contractors who provide fulfillment, payment and registration services or technical support to the Website. If you are concerned about your child's use of this Website, you may use Website filtering technology to supervise or limit their access to this Website or you can contact the Webmaster pursuant to the section above entitled: 'CORRECTION, CHANGE AND REMOVAL OF INFORMATION'.

 SPMI may combine your personally identifying information, and information about your preferences, usage and activities, with those of all or a particular group of this Website's users to prepare collective profiles of this Website's users and their preferences, usage and activities for SPMI’s internal use. For example, SPMI may track the number of this Website's users who view certain pages or use certain features on this Website or to track geographic trends. Such information and data, and other information SPMI derives from this Website's individual users' information and data, allows SPMI to continue to develop and provide you with quality information and data through more accurate marketing and advertising of this Website. SPMI may share aggregated information concerning this Website's users, without attribution of personal information, to SPMI’s sponsors, vendors, advertisers, affiliates and other companies with whom SPMI conducts business.

 SPMI will comply with any court order or other requirement of law that requires SPMI to disclose or not disclose the information that you provide to SPMI via this Website. Otherwise, SPMI may disclose your personal information that you provide or that this Website collects via cookies such as your name, address, email address, telephone number, account numbers, etc. to third parties. SPMI may lease, license, sublicense, rent, transfer, disclose, disseminate or otherwise grant access to the information, and data that you provide to SPMI or that this Website's cookies collects from you, to persons outside of SPMI.

 Use only secure Websites when disclosing your personally identifiable information. Secure pages generally begin with "https". Avoid easy to decode (that is, easy to figure out) access codes (e.g., your name) and/or personal ID numbers. Never respond to unsolicited requests for your social security number or your financial data. Do not disclose your passwords to this Website (if any) or your account information to any other person or entity.

 If you send a person or entity an email from this Website, or if you email this Website's URL, you must assume that some data is collected about Internet Protocol address that you are using and/or your email address and that of the person or entity to whom you sent the email. You must assume that referred emails or Website pages may appear to come from your email. You must accept full responsibility for referring emails and Website pages to such person's and entities agree to indemnify SPMI for any damages, intentional or unintentional, that result from said emails and URL referrals.

 This Privacy Policy is governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of Florida in the United States, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. Jurisdiction for any disputes, controversies and claims arising under, in connection with, or out of this Privacy Policy shall lie exclusively with the state and federal courts within the State of Florida in the United States. If any provision of this Privacy Policy is found to be invalid by a court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Privacy Policy, which shall remain in full force and effect. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL SPMI HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR SPECIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY, HOWEVER OCCASIONED.