Mental Toughness in Action: Tom Lewis

tom lewis mental toughness golf Portugal masters

Congratulations to SPMI athlete Tom Lewis! Tom won his second Portugal Masters on Sunday. He is the only golfer ever to have won the tournament two times.

Earlier this year, Tom made a big career commitment in golf when he started working with SPMI and decided that the missing piece to the puzzle was mastering the mental game. Since then, Tom's mental toughness has significantly increased as we've worked steadily on strengthening his belief system, positive attitude, and focus towards the process of getting better. Like most athletes who first start training their mental game, Tom had to really push through the bad mental habits early on. Often times, the biggest challenge for athletes even at the world-class level is going after what is both uncomfortable and unnatural. Tom understood and accepted that he needed to do both and he did.

As a result, not only has Tom's performance improved but his attitude is at another level as well. In just 3 weeks, Tom won the Bridgestone Challenge, Placed 3rd at the Kazakhstan Open, and won the Portugal Masters. His world ranking has soared over 200 places and his belief system is set on being the best in the world.

SPMI is truly happy for Tom and looks forward to continuing our work in strengthening his mental game for more success to come.