Inside the Mindset of a Pro Athlete

In this article I want to share a few of the best athlete documentaries that allow the viewer to see and feel how mentally tough a successful professional athlete must be in order to make it. One of the biggest set backs of many athletes is their ability to stop pushing for more and start making excuses for their lack of progress. After watching these two documentaries I hope that at least some of the athletes and their support team will have a new and more positive perspective on training and what it takes to reach their own goals.

Lindsey Vonn: In The Moment

This documentary takes the viewer into the life of a professional alpine ski racer where you will see how she trains, manages her diet, her mental toughness routines, and more. It's an eye opening film for many athletes who believe that their lives are very deprived or difficult compared to other athletes. Lindsey demonstrates the amount of sacrifice and professionalism one needs, physically and mentally to reach the highest level of sport. From a mental standpoint, pay attention to her positivity and ability to bounce back after devastating setbacks, sacrifices, and more. Also, notice that she is very self-motivated; meaning that throughout the film you will see her often training and pushing herself alone. Lindsey shows athletes that in order to be the best you have to train and believe you are the best.

Linsanity: The Jeremy Lin Story

Few times do viewers get the chance to see an athlete's career documented before his success. In this documentary you'll see Jeremy's life documented throughout some of the toughest times. What I want viewers to pay attention to is his intense work ethic and positive attitude throughout each struggle and set back. Often what separates the best athletes from the ones who could've been is that elite athletes are constantly searching for more ways to get even better during the hardest times and are positive throughout the process. Lin's professional work ethic, resilient mentality, and never give up approach helped him overcome many obstacles. After watching his documentary you'll understand how an athlete can turn it up out of no where when it really counts.