Follow These 2 Simple Formulas to Reach Your Full Potential

Mental Toughness Advice

Getting stuck is a common trend among many athletes striving to be the best. Athletes work hard and see significant improvement throughout their early stages of competing only to find themselves in performance limbo. So why do many athletes fall short of their full potential? The best answer can be explained through 2 simple formulas.

Formula 1: Talent X Effort = Skill

Formula 1 applies to every athlete who is striving to get better. Although this formula is essential for enhanced performance, it is limited in achieving one's full potential. 

Formula 2: Skill X Effort = Achievement 

Formula 2 applies to athletes who reach a significant performance milestone, such as improving their ranking, winning a tournament or award, receiving a college scholarship, or turning professional. Once an athlete's skill is realized they need to continue with a high intensity of effort to turn the skill into an achievement. Successful athletes must commit to this formula day in and day out to reach high levels in their respective sports. 

However, this formula alone is still not enough for most athletes to reach pinnacle levels of success among their respective sports. Unfortunately, many athletes, coaches, and parents discontinue the skill and achievement formulas too early. Leaving many skills and achievements either underdeveloped or not developed at all.


Continue making new discoveries in the athlete's game by repeating the 2 formulas even well after their dreams are achieved.

Grab a pencil and notepad and get started!:

To reach an athlete's full potential athletes need to explore and write down what other skills and achievements are necessary to become world-class. Remember: not all skills and achievements are technical and physical!

Below is an example of using the 2 formulas to develop a new technical and mental toughness skill that will later transfer into a major achievement. 


Skills needed = Develop Strengths from current weaknesses: Technical & Mental

Talent(Sport)X Effort(Attacking his fears by playing a style that he is not comfortable with and accepting the possibility of short-term set-backs)= Skill(Becoming Fearless and a more all-around and versatile athlete)

Skill(Fearless, all-around, and versatile ) X Effort = Achievement (Breaking into the next level of the sport opened up new opportunities)

These simple formulas can be used for athletes at all levels from novice to world-class. There is no limit to one's true potential. When you feel stuck or feel that you aren't learning fast enough, take the time to write out these formulas and challenge yourself by writing down new skills that will help you get to your destination. Also, remember to write down what achievements you want to reach.