#1 Mental Tip to Staying Calm Under Pressure

One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is the mistake of giving away their power. Think of power as an actual ball of energy that you carry with you wherever you go. This ball of energy is filled with confidence, positivity, maximum focus, and an ability to keep fighting no matter what happens. When athletes lose focus, what they are doing is passing their ball of energy or "power" to someone or something else.

Below are some examples of when athletes and teams give away their power. 

  1. Someone else is cheating
  2. The athlete notices that their coach or parent is upset with them and allows it to bother them.
  3. The athlete notices that a coach is displaying favoritism with other athletes.
  4. The coach is not starting the athlete as often as before.
  5. The athlete is under performing early in the game and decides that the other team is too good.
  6. The athlete concedes to other athletes that they are too fast or too skilled.
  7. The athlete concedes to the playing conditions such as the golf course is too hard, or the field is not "my best playing surface".
  8. The athlete or team starts reading too much into the rating systems of their opponents and mentally convince themselves that they are not good enough. 


The solution to this common bad habit is to learn how to take back your power. Athletes need to recognize and respect their skills and talent that they bring forth to each competition. They need to make a commitment that they will keep their power with them no matter what the situation. Also, Athletes must recognize when they have given their power away and understand that they can take it back immediately if they choose. To enhance the quality of this technique even more, imagine an actual ball of energy that holds your power. Imagine what is looks like, the size, and where you will keep it to stay mentally strong throughout tough situations.This mental skill will help the athlete control their emotions while maximizing their focus and confidence more. At SPMI athletes learn powerful skills and mindsets to help them overcome every challenging situation that presents them. These skills help prepare the athletes for both sports and life, or as we know it, "the real world." At SPMI, we not only produce mentally tough athletes, we develop leaders.